Bananas, photo-op, and pancakes.

When I woke up at 6 this morning, Val was already dressed and ready to go. The only things missed were her helmet and cycling shoes. Soon after I rolled out of bed she was out the door for a quick bike ride before heading to PDX International where she would begin her trip to Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is where her best friend has been completing art residencies for the better part of a year, so I’m assuming they’ll both have a pretty great time. Go enjoy the African Drum Circles, Val!

Knowing she was going to be hungry, I decided to make what I know she’d appreciate after a ride: something tasty and healthy. I saw that we had frozen bananas in the freezer and so it was a no-brainer. Banana Ice Cream it is, or as some call it: Banana Nice Cream. Most blenders need the frozen bananas to thaw a bit before blending them, but Blendtecs are up for the challenge.

Banana ice cream has got to be one of the healthiest desserts that can be made. It’s one ingredient: frozen bananas. Peel a few bananas and let them freeze in the freezer and when you are in the mood for ice cream, all you have to do is put the bananas in a blender (with a strong motor) and let ‘er rip! Add toppings to personal taste. Some of my favorites would have to be chopped peanuts, dried coconut flakes, and sliced strawberries.

So allow me to show you my banana ice cream-making journey in pictures:

Ideally, I would have ended up with a bowl like this:

Three scoops of super-cold banana scoops…still intact and ready to be devoured.

I even would have been happy with this:

Cold custard-like banana nice cream for two please!

But if I really had to settle, this would have also been okay:

A lot more soft-serve-y, but hey…Still ice cream, right?

So I attempted the ideal…

…and almost immediately I knew that I wasn’t getting anything more than the soft-serve I said I’d settle for. If only the possible outcomes stopped there:

Granted, the picture quality is much different, but I can assure you that this was not soft-serve. It was still quite tasty and very banana-y. The powder on top is cacao powder for the flavor and some added protein to assist in Val’s recovery from her ride.

When I got back from the airport, it was time for my own run, but I knew it had to be light. I ran a 10 miler at 6:42 pace on Sunday morning followed with 2 hours of soccer and yesterday morning I had a long-run planned. After 19 miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes, my legs were done for the day and I knew I needed to focus on recovery for a couple of days.

So I decided to make the run a photo-op on Terwilliger (for you Pdx locals) where there is a great overlook of Portland, the Willamette River, and, on a clear day, Mt. Hood.


I’ve recently become a member of RUNA Tribe so I proudly represent RUNA and send them photos of how I live #FullyAlive. Running is definitely how I maintain my own personal feeling of being alive so it’s easy to feel at home with their slogan. I also really like their story and was ecstatic to be welcomed as a part of their community. Oh, and their bottled, canned, and hot guayusa teas are great especially as a way to reduce that coffee addiction you’re still in denial about…oh. sorry..those are my issues.

I also recently started representing Bobo’s Oat Bars as a Portland ambassador. Bobo’s bars are high-calorie (approx. 340-380 depending on the bar) so it’s a smart idea to split the bar in half and enjoy it that way, but a long workout such as a long run, bike ride, swim session, or even hike, may call for an entire bar. Enjoy it with some dairy-free yogurt and you’ll be in heaven…I was! Oh and Peanut Butter is my favorite but the Maple Pecan Val and I split and paired with the banana ice cream definitely proved to be some competition. Bobo’s is a gluten-free bar so that’s also a plus for those who avoid gluten based on dietary issues or preference.

After the 1.4 mile round-trip run to the photo-op scene and back, I did a mile of light hill running out in our complex parking lot before wrapping it up for some much needed brunch.

So to make up for the failed attempt at making Banana Nice Cream, I treated myself to my second-favorite food and 1st-favorite breakfast food:


But these weren’t just regular pancakes. I try to have a good amount of protein intake each day as I tear a good amount of muscle tissue each week while running hills, tempo-runs, and at least one 2 1/2+ hour long run each week. So I put a scoop of natural hemp powder and organic cacao powder for the protein and a small scoop of chia seeds for the omega 3 fatty acids for which they are such a great source. Mix that with Ener-G egg-replacer, a GF pancake mix, almond milk, and cinnamon, and you get what is pictured above. Oh and of course you’ll need a stove, a spatula, a plate, bananas, time, little-to-no-skill, and last, but not least (actually, most importantly), an appetite. And unless you’re watching your sugar intake, you may want some maple syrup to top it all off!

So that was my Tuesday. Some tasty, healthy food to start the day off right. A delicious pancakes brunch (which, admittedly, was not the same without Val) after a run. Some personal work time. More delicious food for lunch. And an evening of blogging and continued homework. I have to admit though, I can’t wait to start substitute teaching again!! 14 days! But who’s counting??

What were you up to today? How’d you enjoy the outdoors? Or how’d you treat your body right today? Let us know in the comments!!

Let’s end the post with some beautiful color shall we?

My lunch


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