GoMacro or Go Home

I try to eat as clean as possible. Not too long after Val and I first transitioned to our current way of eating, we minimized food that came out of a package. Unfortunately, that plan was doomed as soon as it was hatched. Why? I love energy bars. Energy bars. Granola bars. Food bars. I don’t care what you call them. I eat them all. As long as they meet my standards, some of which are as follows:

  • No dairy or eggs
  • Taste..obviously.
  • Ingredients I recognize and can spell
  • A sugar/fat to calorie ratio that I don’t think is absurd

Bars are just way too good…and convenient. That’s probably really what it comes down to. They fit perfectly in your hand and your pocket. They don’t take up a lot of room in a backpack or purse. They contain a ton of amazing ingredients and flavors in their small rectangular bodies. It’s incredible! Plus, they are usually a great source of carbohydrates and protein which runners, especially endurance athletes, need plenty of.


So, yes. I love bars. It’s gotten to the point where I can probably tell you which convenience stores carry which bars and if you name a flavor I can probably get the food company in just a couple of guesses…as long as they are bars that meet my criteria of course.

One bar company that far exceeds my standards is GoMacro Bars. They actually exceed my standards so much they make my standards seem like candy bar descriptions. Yeah. They’re that good.


Things get out of hand when I get too much of a great thing!

As a long-distance runner (I run 5ks and still have some sprint speed, but 26.2 and beyond is my happy place), I need the best, most nutrient dense food to fuel my runs and keep my body happy. In fact, I can safely say I fall into the food as medicine and food as fuel camps because nutrition really is that important for the body. I generally eat really clean, meaning whole foods, natural ingredients, leaning towards organic when possible, etc. So if I’m going to eat an energy bar (generally not considered a whole food), I need it to be as clean and purposeful as possible (a good amount of protein and not too much sugar unless I’m eating a bar during an ultra race) for my running. In fact, some may argue GoMacro bars could be considered a whole foods bar because of their ingredients and I wouldn’t try to argue back!

ingredients gm

Just look at these ingredients! 

The texture of a GoMacro bar is not what you typically get from a calorie-dense bar in the “healthy bars” category. Most of these other bars have textures that are hearty like a Clif Bar or textures that resemble a Krackel bar (think, rice crisps in ever bite encased in chocolate) if it was a bit heftier. All but a few of the GoMacro Bars are much smoother in texture and the contents aren’t nearly as likely to get stuck in your teeth! This is a huge plus for when you’re eating your bar as an on-the-go snack on your way to a meeting or about to speak in front of a crowd. And also if you, like me, just don’t like food lodged between your teeth.

When really falling in love with a food bar company, what they stand for and their views on food and the environment are quite important to me. GoMacro, with their Big Picture philosophy and organic ingredients, is one of those companies that I can proudly write about, encourage others to try, and personally purchase and enjoy their products without an ounce of guilt.


Now, the best part: the variety! Eating the same bar, every day can get pretty old. I would know. During my student teaching I went 3 months with EVERY single lunch consisting of the same food company bar that I thoroughly enjoy and support, but have been leaning away from for sometime now. When it comes to GoMacro though, I WISH I could have one everyday, or at least one of their Mini bars. The list of flavors is quite impressive: PB Chocolate Chip, Banana Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Butter and Chocolate, Almond Butter and Carob, Granola and Coconut (less smooth, still delicious), Peanut Butter, Sesame Butter and Dates, Cherries and Berries (again: less smooth, but still delicious), Cashew Caramel (OMG. Heaven in a wrapper!), and Apples and Walnuts.  Yeah. They do things right over at GoMacro. It’s hard to say which is my favorite. Obviously I have strong feelings about Cashew Caramel, but anything with peanut or almond butter are generally top contenders, so it’d be a close call.

As GoMacro says:

Some people sacrifice nutrition for taste. Some people sacrifice taste for nutrition. With GoMacro there are no sacrifices.

Did I convince you yet? Tell me if you had a GoMacro bar before and what you thought about it!


Yeah. My mouth just watered, too.


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