No Topic, Just Talk

Growing up, my mom rarely had nothing to do. It may have seemed, at times, that she had free time, but watching TV, playing a board game, or just talking, always came at the expense of her other work not getting done. She rarely brought work home with her, though. The work she may have done at home always came from other voluntary roles she held. This was her my entire life and she still juggles 10 different things at once. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

The past few weeks have been super busy for me. Here’s a quick rundown, with the help of pictures (lots of pictures), of what’s been taking over my life recently…


It’s a blur how it happened, but I gained a small a role in planning the Fitness Stage at this year’s Portland VegFest taking place next month. I’ll be demoing dynamic stretching on the fitness stage as well as speaking as part of a Q&A panel. When I’m not on the fitness stage, you will be able to find me at a booth talking about running and my blog.


I will also be representing No Meat Athlete at VegFest with merchandise for sale!


Tofurky Trot 5k. Yes. Tofurky. Through the people I know from NW Veg and VegFest and, I presume, my passion for running, I’ve become a volunteer organizer for this year’s Tofurky Trot 5k to be held on Thanksgiving morning here in Portland.

I will be giving a NW Veg presentation at a putluck dinner at the end of this month which I’m really excited about, but getting pretty nervous about as well. The talk is focused on vegan nutrition for athletes and I certainly hope I can meet the expectations of people who come to eat, listen, and learn.

I’m fairly certain that I’ve e-mailed back and forth more times over the past three weeks than I have this whole year due to keeping up with this event, VegFest, and blogging commitments.


My notes (and representation of my brain) lately versus Val’s notes on the right. Her thought process: Ace that 1 exam. Mine? Gotta do this. Then that. Then that. Don’t forget that. Oh, that reminds me of this. But first, that. And so on.

Next on my list of things that have been taking up my time: FOOD! Like, really good food.


Maple Pecan donut from Sweetpea Baking Company here in Portland.


Val’s Beet Burger from Portobello Trattoria. Best. Burger. Ever.

30  26  

Vegan Benedict from Portobello. Did somebody say, “Hollandaise?” And Paradox Potatoes from Paradox Cafe.


The best chocolate in the world. Comment below if you want the name so you can order it yourself. I’m literally not kidding when I say that this was the best chocolate I’ve ever had.

The pictures I’ve included are of food that are not quite on the super healthy side of the healthy foods spectrum. “Vegan” doesn’t mean healthy. There is still a lot of work involved in my lifestyle and diet of choice. But I do have a sweet tooth and I’m sharing my life with a partner who has one as well. Actually, she’s probably got at least 20 sweet teeth if we’re being honest. And since we’re being honest, I’ve definitely got more than just one as well. So yes, I’ve included these pictures because they were delicious meals and treats from the past week that I have no shame in saying I’ve eaten. I run a lot and I eat very healthily a huge majority of the time. Quinoa or brown rice, raw or roasted vegetables, fruit (bananas) galore…That’s every day. So Val and I like to enjoy the weekend treats or go out for ice cream one evening.

As of now, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from eating the foods that satisfies them unless it’s really not good for your overall health. I rather focus on promoting mindful eating habits. One of those habits is listening to your body and reflecting on what you’re eating. If in doing both of those things, you want to still go ahead and enjoy your donut or coffeecake or ice cream, then go ahead! Because when you put that much thought into what you’re eating, you’re probably going to make sure you make great food choices for the rest of the day.

Eat, Run, and Done. stuff which involves running…but also more food.


Had another 5k this past Sunday. It was my third consecutive racing weekend and my second consecutive weekend 5k. In all likelihood I would have set another 5k pr if not for the leading motorbike not knowing when to turn on the out-and-back course, and if not for the train that caused the lead pack to stop for about 2 1/2-3 minutes. during the race. I can’t catch a break between that happening and volunteers sending me the wrong way at the previous 5k. It’s okay though. I know I’m poised for a big 5k pr and I’m hoping it will come soon!


Skout Organic is a Portland-based bar that is without animal products and, obviously, organic. I thoroughly enjoyed this cherry vanilla bar although I’ve never been one for cherries in my food. It’s under 200 calories so is great for an on-the-go snack! I always make sure I have fruit or veggies with me in most situations, but I’ll grab a bar if I’m feeling actual hunger, but still need to be on the move. Skout also has an Apple Cinnamon bar that is super tasty. Bobo’s and Nii Bars are on my list as well, but I certainly don’t mind mixing it up with Skout Organic. Their trailpaks are awesome too!


Opening up the door to my floor and seeing this was just magical. Two of those boxes are a donation for an event, but man-oh-man…I could never tire of eating what’s inside these boxes.

 19  7

That’s right.It’s raining Pacific Superfood Snacks kale chips like crazy at our place! Val and I love these chips. When we have them–which has been very often lately–she packs at least half a container each day for her snack when at school. I brought some of their Lava Rock Sriracha (my favorite) with me last night to snack on after I finished with a dinner-time engagement. I wasn’t sure if I a meal would be provided where I was volunteering my time, and I knew that I wanted to bring a healthy, nutritious, and tasty snack with me that wasn’t a food bar this time. Our neighbor’s two year old, Echo, also loves kale chips lately and I believe it was Pacific Snacks that served as his introduction to this delicious healthy food.

Lastly, applying for college. 


As of 5 years at Rutgers University wasn’t enough, I’ve been taking classes at a community college to be eligible for the big goal. That goal: To be admitted into the National College of Natural Medicine’s Master’s of Science in Nutrition (MScN) program. I’m stoked today because I finally submitted my application to the program. It hasn’t been an easy road and it’s not over yet. I had to take two summer classes (one of which was for 5 hours on Saturday mornings), and I’m still taking a class two evenings a week until 9:30 at night. But my dream is to be a nutritionist and be in the position to achieve what I want to achieve in life. If I can be a good parent and partner, run, and talk about nutrition and food all day for a living, I will be forever happy…I assume. This is me talking in the present time of course so, who knows?

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be sure to get some informative and pertinent posts published this week that aren’t just about what’s happening in my life!

Any comments and questions? You know where to leave ’em!


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