Somehow I Wrote About Portland VegFest in Less Than 600 Words

Sorry, ERaD readers, for the really long delay in posting anything! I had quite a busy weekend and the week was spent preparing for a Chemistry exam. I have to do well if I’m going to get into the Nutrition master’s program and bring you the best posts on eating and nutrition I can muster!

Last weekend was truly remarkable. I had the honor of representing No Meat Athlete at Portland VegFest and the booth couldn’t have been in a better place; we were right next to the amazing Brenda Carey, founder and editor of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, as well as Robert Cheeke who is a 2-time champion vegan bodybuilder. And yes, I was giddy when I first saw them. Vegan celebrities do exist, people.

With others, I helped bring in several of the presenters on the demo stage which included the well-accomplished runner Tim Van Orden, pro-cyclist Zak Kovalcik, and a few other local persons in yoga (Yoga isn’t exercise?? Clearly you haven’t tried it.), Nia, and boxing.


Annie (yogaRIOT), Andrea (Nia), Me, and Tim .

The four of us in the picture each had our own presentation, but we are captured here waiting for the fitness panel Q&A to start. Tim gave an inspiring and informational talk about overcoming obstacles to reach one’s fitness goals; it’s obvious what Annie and Andrea demoed; and I demoed what the crux of the next post will be about: dynamic stretches with an explanation for why dynamic exercises are encouraged over static ones. I’ll get into that in my next post but first, allow me to share with you some more photos from Portland VegFest.

I was swamped with volunteering and demoing and working the booth and taking pictures of everything was the last thing on my mind…and probably something that would have been impossible unless I had deleted every picture from my phone’s library just to make enough room. No worries though; the creative guys at Vegan Foodiot posted a 20 minute cover of Portland VegFest which I embedded at the very end of this post for your pleasure! And yes, all of the food they tried (and didn’t try) was superbly plant-based and superbly delicious. Gotta thank these two guys from Vegan Foodiot, because without them, I’d have to talk up VegFest way more than I do now. Now, you can just watch it!

10   4

The Friday before VegFest weekend was a nutrition and health conference organized by the group that puts on Portland VegFest, Northwest Veg.  NW Veg brought in fantastic speakers and an exquisite vegan/plant-based lunch buffet was provided as well!

5  14

While the health conference was happening, scores of volunteers  were downstairs helping to set up for VegFest. The No Meat Athlete booth was just one of the many booths represented that has veganism as part of its constitution.

18   17

Val was pretty darn excited for her Yeah Dawg lunch! This hotdog-shaped food is made entirely of a blend of plant foods (veggies and legumes to be exact). The Cali Kush Dawg is pictured; topped with coconut bacon, avocado, and jalapenos that I added. Oh and the image above the title? That’s Homegrown Smoker  which is a place that if you are vegan in Portland and tell someone you’ve never been, you’ll get looked at like you just said you’ve never drank water. Truth.

Okay. That’s all for VegFest…for now. Stay tuned for my next post which will include the details of dynamic stretching which I demoed at VegFest and now that it’s getting much colder out there, proper stretching and warming up should be paid attention to even more to help prevent injury.

Were you at Portland VegFest? What were some of your favorite foods, products, or other booths/organizations that you visited. Have you ever been to a VegFest? Tell me about your experience!



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