Home for the Holidays

I’m back! I have missed writing a lot, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being home in New Jersey for the holidays and taking a break from the computer. While the parts of NJ I frequent aren’t nearly as beautiful as Oregon, being around family and friends has been most welcome during this holiday season. I’ll be keeping this post short in words and share my NJ trip thus far through pictures I’ve taken and captions.

friends4 It didn’t happen the first night, but it happened all the same. Love these rice and beans that I couldn’t wait for my parents to make. They make it much, much healthier nowadays which means more veggies, less sodium, and brown rice instead of white. Win.

friends5 friends2   friends6 Decorating for Christmas.

friends1 friends2

Seeing friends has been great for us.


Had a great 16 mile run  and was awarded with an awesome view of Jersey I hadn’t seen before but was never far from.


Talk about holiday eating! What’s the green? Spinach. And red: Mom’s cranberry jam.

7  36

Christmas Eve dinner was a huge healthy and tasty success! All plant-based except for one dish for some of Val’s family. Val made an incredible vegan apple pie. I’m pretty sure I ate a third of it myself!


I tried to eat healthy at every chance I could which included snacking.

51   73

Christmas was the best! We’re sporting our “World’s Best Aunt/Uncle” mugs here due to the very thoughtful niece of mine.

71  ring

And this happened on Christmas as well. She’s not giving you the finger; she’s showing you that I put on a ring on it!

7579   8288

We couldn’t visit home and not pay a visit to Sprig and Vine. They introduced Val and I to what really good vegan dining could be like and they remain close to our hearts. My parents love going there too so that’s a plus for getting them to enjoy plant-based fare. That’s a Cauliflower Bahn Mi sandwich and some kind of apple and cranberry pie that we had for dessert.



Went to Blossom for a vegan and organic brunch with my mom and Val. The Florentine and the french toast were out of this world!

n15n17n18 n21

Walked around the Chelsea Market and grabbed some Beyond Sushi for an all-vegan sushi wrap snack. Val simply can’t resist vegan sushi.

n4 View right out of Penn Station.


Enjoyed the city with family and my one and only.


That’s right. This is why I run.

10    ns

I found out a few days ago that I have been accepted as a member of the RunSquad 2016 team for Run Gum. This is the company most notably known to be partly founded by Nick Symmonds, an 800m Track and Field Olympian. Can’t wait to rep them throughout 2016.

friends7 As much as we love being back in NJ, we CANNOT wait to get back to Portland to see our two wonderful family members we have waiting for us at home.

That’s all I’ve got! I have several posts in the works so I’ll be sure to get back to writing more frequently! Don’t forget to catch me on Instagram (@eatrunanddone) and Facebook for posts and pics that I don’t incorporate here at the site.

How were/are your holidays? What’s your exercise and eating been like during the past month? Let’s chat!


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