About Me & Eat, Run, and Done.

Hey everyone! My name is Wilfredo…or Will. With two L’s. I’ll start with this: I love to run and I do it because I love it. I have many marathons, including 2 BQs, and 5 ultramarathons under my belt and many more to come if I remain healthy which is always my number one goal. I am licensed to teach, but I decided to switch my path and am now a nutritionist, specializing in sports nutrition and injury recovery for endurance athletes. Of course, I can (and do) coach and help non-athletes optimize their nutrition for improved health. My business is On Pace Wellness – www.onpacewellness.com.

I am also a certified running coach and develop training plans and coach athletes through those. I work with runners with various goals such as completing their first half or full marathon to achieving a personal best in any distance. Some just want nutrition coaching as they train on their own. Whatever your goals are, I’d love to help you!

Oh and I write Vegan Health & Fitness magazine and work for No Meat Athlete as well!


Eat, Run, and Done.

This is a space where running and eating happily and necessarily coincide. Here, a healthy and active lifestyle is, in a way, discussed and figured out by you and me because let’s be honest: There is no one-size-fits-all route out there. But don’t worry, “healthy and active” doesn’t mean you will only find images and recipes with vegetables, beans, and fruit. With Eat, Run, and Done., food as fuel meets food as pleasure in a way that may occasionally have you scratching your head and asking, “And this guy’s passions are running and nutrition?” And that’s okay. Life is a balancing act and the same should be said for living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll also read a lot about why I include certain foods in my diet and exclude others (namely, animal products), how certain foods’ properties can help you be a healthier runner, and other topics specific to running, training, recovery, and wellness.


Twitter: @onpacewellness

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eatrunanddone


4 thoughts on “About Me & Eat, Run, and Done.

  1. Hi Will! I was just using my lunch break to peruse dream Oregon trail runs (as one does) and stumbled upon your site. I’m also a 2017 Eugene Marathon ambassador (whoop whoop!) so I thought I would just say hello! Seems like you enjoy running as much as I do and we have similar approaches/outlooks on the food front. Wishing you a wonderful training season with no injuries and lots of tasty food fuel!


    • Hi Becca! Thanks for reaching out to me. Yes, I often find myself perusing Oregon trails and races that I want to run; one can get lost in this activity! Are you from the Eugene area?
      Thank you for the well wishes and I wish the same for you. I’m recovering from some ITB issues now so hopefully your support will work some magic for me!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is no fun, whatsoever. But this is the first time I’ve dealt with something close to an injury in over 5 years so it’s making me focus on stretching and self-care a bit more which I really appreciate. Silver lining, right?


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