Welcome to Eat Run and Done.

Hey everybody! So I’m taking this first post to welcome you all to my blog which is definitely still in the works, but eager to get started. It told me. And I’m eager to get this new chapter started. Over the next couple of weeks (maybe more) you may see different parts of the blog popping up, being removed or altered, and even moving around..that’s just how it will be for now. But I will still be 100% able to deliver what you’re all here for: the goods, a.k.a. the posts.

Over a year ago, my girlfriend, Val, succeeded in getting me to start a blog. I always enjoyed writing and running and food were my passions forever…who isn’t passionate about food though? Specifically, nutrition is my passion and nutritious food is whatever is above “passion.” Okay, That’s enough “passion” for this post.

So I started “That Vegan Runner” although some of you may remember that I was calling it “Me and This Running Thing” in the beginning. Writing on That Vegan Runner taught me so much about myself and about the blogging process. For one ,it takes an incredible amount of commitment to successfully maintain and grow a blog (just like anything else, I suppose) and I just wasn’t ready for that while I was still in school. Between working several part time jobs, finishing up my graduate degree, training for various running events, and spending time with Val and our families, I often found blogging to be a chore that I didn’t always mind doing, but could use a break from it from time to time.

Being so busy, in addition to the chore mindset, allowed me to leave TVR for weeks or months at a time without writing anything and not think twice about it. But there have been many things that have happened since TVR began but mainly since last winter that has me re-committed to writing again. Allow me to break the news: In December of last year, Val was accepted to medical school to study naturopathic medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) here in Portland, Oregon starting next month (Fall 2015).


I had such a deep feeling that she was going to be accepted. She’s the smartest person I know.

As Val was in the process of applying to naturopathic school, I began to really listen to what my heart had been trying to tell me for years at that point: “Make nutrition your career path.” I knew that nutrition was the area I was meant to be in and so I did some research on schools that had a nutrition program. Not even a year after completing a Master’s program in education and I was already looking to go back to school. My parents were soooo thrilled!! Right. Well, I found out that NCNM has a Nutrition Science program that I would be eligible for if I just completed a few more science and math courses…It was meant to be!

So we made the decision to make the move early in January so that we could get established, get used to our new state, and so I could take summer classes. We don’t regret our decision at all, although it has been tough having most of the communication with our families occurring in blue and grey thought bubbles and through blurred and spotty FaceTime sessions. But we’re making it work.

Portland is an incredible city with so much to offer: the waterfront area; tons of events; wonderful people; weird people; homeless people; a great running scene; a greater biking scene (It made me question if I’d ever seen someone riding a bike on a New Jersey road); a vast array of plant-based food and reputable food of non-dietary restrictions as well; and so much more.


Views like these are part of the “…so much more.”


Seeing where the show “Portlandia” got its name (from the statue “Portlandia above”) was also neat.

    Displaying IMG_0965.JPG

And, as mentioned, the food. The sweet, savory, but mostly sweet abundance of food suitable to our lifestyle choice.

So as my running has developed and having decided to follow my heart into the field of Nutrition, AND with the help of a new and immediately special friend of ours, I have decided to recommit to blogging. So today, Eat Run and Done. is being launched with this first post. As the About Me page alludes to, I intend to have Eat Run and Done. be a space where readers can see what the body can achieve when you treat it optimally. Demonstrating and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle will be the main focus of this blog, but it is my hope that we will achieve this in a way that resembles a conversation on the various topics discussed and experiences shared.

To me, being healthy includes making purposeful and mindful choices in our daily lives. When we really think about what we are about to do, or not do,  we often come to the better decision or at least resolve to make the better decision next time (that can be considered a win, too!). So don’t be alarmed when, not if, you see photos and recipes for cakes and other sweets; you typed in the right domain name. But pleasurable experiences are a part of being healthy and feeding that pleasure is important. Val and I love sweets so I will inevitably, frequently, and guiltlessly post about this in the blog. And it’s okay. Eat Run and Done. will be a virtual environment where we all discuss and figure out (because there is no one size fits all here) how to bring bits and pieces of the larger Healthy and Active conversation to our own lifestyles to make sure we are living as our healthiest and happiest selves.

I hope you’ll enjoy Eat Run and Done. and I hope even more to be able to read your comments. I can promise you that I will be sure to read every one and I will respond to all that include a question or statement that I think calls for a reply. Let’s rock this blog and create a new space that people will want to check in with before leaving for work or heading to bed! This is a brief statement of my hope for Eat Run and Done. in this early stage. It can’t happen without you so I hope you’ll stick around and share your experiences too!